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Today was my first time being interviewed as a guest on radio, and boy was it fun!! Surprisingly, while I’ve been into the broadcast studios numerous times, I’ve never actually been on the end of the mic, and it sure is a different experience!

I took to the air with Zee and good folks of Kiss92 to talk about Mosaic Dance on their KisSME segment – which is a program that documents the trials and tribulations of newcomers in the local SME industry.

Maddy, Jason and Arnold were our hosts and they couldn’t have made it any easier or more fun! It really was like chatting with new friends over mics instead of coffee, and I’m so glad to be able to get our story out there. It’s been 2 years of hard work, but all completely worth it and I can’t wait to welcome some of their listeners to our studio.


Hope this wont be the last time we meet up the lovely threesome. In the meantime, I’d better work on my voice so I sound less like a 12 year old boy on air!! It was a prerecorded segment that we did and I could not recognise the sound of my own voice at all, until the words started sounding like something I’d said before! But overall, great fun and full of respect for these guys and their boundless energy and wit!

Thanks Kiss92 for welcoming us into your studio! You made a Monday morning rock – and that’s a tough thing to do!