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I’m SOOOOO happy and excited! Just got a message earlier today that our cat, who well, went out and got herself pregnant by one of the stray males in our neighbourhood, gave birth to three healthy kittens!

Here they are, just minutes after being born!!Β 

I couldn’t contain myself, I just HAD to see them as soon as I received this picture. So, thanks to the graces of technology, I met the little three, who had fluffed out after drying up and had already started snuggling and sleeping curled up on each other, over FaceTime. Yes, my kitties are VERY tech savvy.

There’s a yellow one, a cow-printed one, and one that will turn out to be either mottled brown and black, or tortoiseshell, it’s hard to tell right now. We’re also pretty bad at figuring out if they’re boys or girls, so any tips on how to do so would be extremely welcome!

It’s the first cat litter that we’ve had “in-house” – all of our kittens (who are now cats of course) were orphaned strays that we adopted, born in the drains outside our house. That’s exactly how we found her mother.


Our new mother (top right) and her 3 other litter mates back at Christmas 2011, when they were all wee little things. Unfortunately, out of the four orphaned kitties, only her and her brother (bottom right), made it to adulthood.

So the tragic thing is that usually, the whole litter doesn’t survive. Someone always falls sick, gets trapped, or meets an untimely end with a dog. I’m hoping against hope that this litter is going to buck that trend. Losing a kitty, even if it isn’t raised as your cat, is painful. And since this is our first real litter, it will be twice as bad! I’m already bracing myself for the day i have to give them up for adoption and say goodbye, and it’s only Day 1!

Till then though, I can most definitely promise many more updates and overdoses of kitty cuteness to come…