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Wow! The holiday in the States has been AMAZING so far. I do this trip every year, with destinations that don’t change very much. I hit NYC, my favourite city in the world for my annual shot of great food and dancing, Orlando to spend time with my lovely sister, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I squeeze in a new destination. It’s the fourth year in a row I’m making this trip and we really went out of our way to do it different this time, and I’ve been so blessed to experience so many new things!

I’ve done Broadway in NYC before the very first year I went there, but my sister has never had the chance to in all these years to see any of the shows. It was perfect timing then that Evita was showing!

My dad in particular is a huge fan of musicals, and he introduced us to Evita (then, a movie) when we were children. Anyone familiar with the story will know that it isn’t one that is easy for a child to understand, and true enough, neither of us remembered much of the story. BUT, we knew the songs and who cares, since RICKY MARTIN was performing?!

We decided to “invest” in good tickets. They were not cheap at all, but the guy at the box office promised us they were great – 4th row, centre. Given how far back the next price tier was from the stage, we decided to go with it, telling ourselves that we would only be 4 rows away from Ricky Martin. Trust me, even my sister was excited as hell – we could barely contain ourselves before the show!

All excited for @christabelgoh’s first Broadway show! We did so many different things on our trip this year. Win!

Turns out that the investment to get seats near the front was totally, TOTALLY worth it! We were so close to the stage (read: Ricky) and it was just so much easier to capture the emotions in the acting overall. The show itself was outstanding, with particularly clever and effective use of the sets, particularly in key moments. Evita’s death, in particular, was so amazingly done! Also, I say this without bias that Ricky Martin is so ridiculously charismatic. We were all completely smitten. I will not post any sort of spoiler, but if you have the chance, the show is most definitely worth checking out. My advice to you to would be to do the same as we did – get good seats, because you REALLY do want to be near the action. And if anything, this is why:

This my friends, is how close we were to THE Ricky Martin. And no, we were not terrible theatre-goers that snapped away during the show. This lovely shot of the very handsome man was taken after the curtain call. See why it pays to get up close now?

Such a sexy man, and what a great Che he makes! My sister and I both have very fond memories at least of the music from the show, or rather the movie that we saw as kids, and of course, could not help but measure it against the original that we had in the back of our minds. For objectivity’s sake, we compared the soundtrack that we purchased after the show with the movie soundtrack, even down to the individual characters in the cast of both and safe to say, it more than measured up. We’re both in agreement that the broadway production raised the bar! If you happen to be in the Big Apple, make sure you have this on your list!

More updates on other fun stuff from the trip soon!