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Looks like I spoke a little too soon in my last post when I said “No rest for the wicked”, and that I was ready for Berlin. I thought I was just tired out from a long, crazy weekend of racing, but really, the fatigue wasn’t getting better, only worse. Getting out of bed in the morning was virtually impossible, and so was finding the willpower to shower when I get home. So many times i’ve somehow collapsed on top of my covers only to wake up at 4am to shower.

I’ve dreaded the arrival of this day. Back in June, we found out after a long stint of being under the weather, that I was positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae. It’s essentially a weak strain of pneumonia – not the sort that kills, but it does take a lot out of you. It started with a flu that never truly went away, constantly feeling under the weather and really just extreme fatigue for not enough reason. Yes, I do lead a hectic life, but my crazy schedule had never ever taken so much out of me. So I got a blood test. The results came back positive. In fact, 5 times over the threshold of being positive. My doc explained how the test was done. Basically, its like taking half a cup of Starbucks coffee, and filling it full with water. Then pouring half of that away and filling it up again. So for me, it was like doing that 5 times, and having it still taste exactly like Starbucks.

5x positive for me – meaning I’ve probably carried it for a good 3-4 months before diagnosis… 3 months ago. It can be transmitted, so if you’ve been feeling ill for a while, please get a similar test!

That time around, I was on two 2-week courses of really strong antibiotics. The first one didn’t work, and we had to start on a second almost immediately. The drugs made me angry, irritable and cranky, and couldn’t be mixed with alcohol. And we all know what happens when an already upset Crystal isn’t allowed a drink here and there. For two whole weeks. It was TORTURE and I was so unhappy that by the time I was done with that second course, I really didn’t care that I wasn’t feeling 100% yet. I just wanted to be off the meds. As far as I was concerned, I could let it lie dormant in my body and think about it the next time it flared up.

And now it has. This bugger just won’t go away! Let me just say. MYCOPLASMA SUCKS! Being ill for a long time just really blows. Its tough to concentrate for a full day at work given the intensity of my job. I have no energy to give it all when I’m dancing. And being on medication for a prolonged period is just a pain. We’ve really gone all out this time though. My dosage is already maxed out to as much as my tiny little frame can handle, complete with a giant syringe for dosage precision.

Oral, not intravenous! I’m terrible at this though, my syringe is always full of bubbles, which makes all our efforts at dosage precision kinda redundant…

I hate having my blood drawn, but we’re even gonna do a post-test once I’m done with yet another round of really expensive antibiotics, just to make sure its gone from my system. All I can do now is be disciplined with my ridiculously dramatic medication, and cross my fingers that it works this time around…

There’s quite the bug going around, so please keep this nasty illness in mind if you’ve been fighting a flu for a long time and just feel it wearing you down. Go to the doc’s and get yourself tested for Mycoplasma and get started on treatment, because it’s just misery once it takes hold!