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Wow, have the last few months been manic or what. With F1 out of town, I’ve officially wrapped my last big work event for the year (famous last words), and by biggest launch for the quarter is very close to being wrapped up with a nice big red ribbon. We even got a shoutout from Campaign Asia – which really just puts a cherry on the cake. Yes, praise is great, broadcast coverage is awesome, and we all love full page stories, but to know that people in the industry have noticed the good work we’ve done really is priceless if you ask me.

It’s now time for me to look forward to a different type of busy period, and to pay a little more attention to dancing again. I’m pretty psyched about Berlin, which will be my first dance trip of the year. MAN has it been a long wait. I remember a time where I could somehow manage 4 overseas trips for dance last year, even in this crazy PR job. Honestly,  I’m not quite sure how that happened. All I know is that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to repeat that amazing feat again.

Mucking about backstage while waiting for showtime at the West Coast Salsa Congress, my last big trip with my team. Time to get those capes out again and rock the stage!

Performing overseas is always a big thrill. We started out small. My first time was at the inaugural Malaysia Salsa Festival, and then we moved on to bigger stages and larger audiences in New York, Sydney and Los Angeles. It’s always a special moment though, especially when new members join the team and do their first big international show with us.

So excited for my lovely partner! We’ve done this routine many times before together, but this will be his first time performing overseas. Remember what it was like when he first joined us last year, and I’m so soooo proud of how far he’s come!

Yes, Berlin will be the virgin world stage performance for my lovely partner Dingyan, and I’m so excited for him because the first time is always such an awesome one to remember. Sure, the home audience of people that are friends and dancing family is great, but knowing that your dedication to the craft is recognized by other equally passionate people around the world is another thing altogether. Especially this time.

The Berlin Salsa Congress is one of the biggest in Europe, and we’re all really stoked, because this trip is a little different. Our team is getting to attend it as invited international artistes! Yes, the organizers were so impressed with our routine when we performed at Amsterdam earlier this year that they’ve paid for us to come back to Europe to do it again. I missed out on that trip because of work, but sure as hell was not about to pass up on something that was going to be paid-for!

The trip marks the start of a month or so of refocusing my energies and throwing myself into getting better at what I do. After Berlin, its straight back to Singapore to take to the stage at the Singapore International Salsa Festival, and then after that, straight to the Big Apple to brush up on my on2 with the best of them. As they say, no rest for the wicked. But bring it on, its high time. Berlin, I’m ready for you!