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Every time race weekend rolls around, I’m reminded how much of a lucky little girl I am – to have a chance to get so ridiculously close to the action for something that I’m super interested in and excited about! It’s the one week in the year where I LOVE working overtime. I don’t care if its midnight and I’m still clocking hours at the Pan Pacific, or if I’m on my feet all day sorting out minute logistical details. Its the one week in the year where I’m doing something that everyone else wishes they were doing, and for these few days, I suddenly become the person that everyone wants to speak to, instead of being the one that has to beg people to hear me out.

Full disclosure: I work in a PR agency, and Shell is a client of mine. Their technical partnership with Ferrari is the reason why I get to do all the cool stuff every time the race rolls into town.

Part of the job means I get to spend double the time that most people spend in “race weekend” mode, simply because the weekend starts earlier for me, normally the moment the circuit starts to close. I was there last night as road access shut down, and all the barricades and walls were locked in place. Our pre-race engagements kicked into gear today, a long way away from the track, but a definite sign of good things to come in the next few days!

What a welcome! Was greeted by this (not so) little guy when we went down to do a filming session with the local TV station to kick off the Grand Prix weekend. Full disclosure: I work in a PR agency, and Shell is one of my clients.

This whole partnership with LEGO and Ferrari has got to be one of the cutest and best things I’ve gotten to work on this year, though it seems like I’m the only overgrown baby that’s excited about all this. I’ll probably need that to power me through the day though, because tomorrow, things really heat up. As the only day where teams can really concentrate on non-race related stuff, Thursday is always a really busy day for driver appearances, photo calls, media sessions and the like. We’ll be no different of course, and I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow will go smoothly, and that this race throws up more awesome moments just like the last ones did. More to come soon!