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After almost three years in the job, I finally attended my first industry awards dinner tonight – as a nominee, and also a winner! Yeah!


Edelman won the award for Outstanding Overall Corporate Reputation Campaign (International) for our work on HP’s Global Influencer Summit, something that our team really slogged long and hard for. And boy was it good to hear them call our name!

I’m not gonna lie. The job I do is a tough one. Public relations is probably one of the most challenging professions out there, but I guess I’m a sucker for punishment, huh? Sometimes (like this week), I wonder how I’ve managed to hold on this long. At least in an agency, its a given that things move so blindingly fast, project after project, that you almost never really have a chance to rest, let alone celebrate at the end of a long, often exhausting journey. For someone that just cannot help doing whatever it takes, its a nice feeling, knowing that you aren’t the only one to think that you deserve to be proud of what’s been achieved at the end of it all.

Maybe this is a sign. I’ve had an unbelievably tough week – and even though I’ve booked a weekend retreat with the Edelman ladies to Phuket, I’m still almost fearful that there will be just too much to do to let myself get on that plane. But my bags are all packed and I’m adamant on going. After tonight, now more than ever, this is a break and a celebration that we all truly deserve!

I WILL get on that flight! Phuket, here I come!