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Like many girls out there, I love my shoes. So you can imagine the sheer glee when I got back from work at 10pm today (an early night!), to find a massive box full of them just waiting for me.

I’m not sure when this strange relationship with shoes – dance shoes in particular – began. Though I’m pretty sure why, because there really is a good explanation for that massive box I now have no idea where to store. I have really small feet. And I really mean TINY. I’m a size 3 – or a 33 in Singapore shoe terms – which makes it next to impossible to buy any shoes off the rack at all. In fact, I’ve developed such a complex from this that I almost feel compelled to buy every pair of shoes that fits. Yes, I’m an addict.

So one of the best discoveries I made in recent years? China – the land of custom-made dance shoes in a multitude of designs, colours, materials, with my size on the menu and the same high heel height that I absolutely insist on. I’ve gone so far down that road that all my shoes I buy now are ordered from the comfort of my bed. Shoes I wear to dance, to work, to party, to weddings, all ordered online from dance shoe manufacturers and worn just about everywhere, and I’ve never looked back.

Thing is, it really isn’t just because I’m obsessed. They’re more comfortable than normal shoes because they’re designed to mold to your foot, bend, and flex with your movements. They’re more durable because they need to be able to take a beating for hours on a daily basis. And most of all, they’re pretty, cos they need to stand out on stage. I’ve already converted a few people who like me, now find it difficult to wear anything else. And thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are just so many vendors and designs available! Here are just some of those that i received in the mail recently. And of course, me, happy with my massive shoe box.


I’m now at the point though, where I just need to stop and think of where I’m going to keep all of them. Any suggestions for clever shoe storage right now would be very, very welcome indeed.