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If anything, only because it meant so much to me in so many ways. Who’d have thought that we’d celebrate with no less than 10 kickass items, a full house bursting at the seams with over 500 people, and so much dancing that we pretty much forgot to take photos, and ended up nearly unable to stand by 2am?

Its gonna be easy to turn this into a big up for the instructors and the team behind the event, but really, Wednesday night was all about our students, and I say this loud and proud! I for one know only too well how absolutely terrifying it is to get up on stage in front of a crowd. Ask any of the guys that have had the (mis)fortune of being my partner at some point or another. Even after 6 years as a performer in a professional team, I’m still supremely freaked out each time and need all the emotional support I can get when we’re waiting backstage and I can hear the crowd outside!

I know that in rehearsal, I’m a tough customer. But firsts are a huge deal for me, and Wednesday was most definitely a night of firsts for many. Judging from the smiling faces and the avalanche of photos after, I’m pretty sure that for most of them, their first performance with us will most definitely not be their last!


Photos courtesy of Aaron Chew and Cai Dingyan, who both somehow found time to snap these awesome shots between performing and dancing all night

Ah yes – happy faces all around. I almost felt like I could retire for the night and leave the excitement of performing to our newcomers! In fact, that’s what most of us did – vacate the packed changing room and hit the dancefloor hard. If anything, the night showed that you don’t need huge international acts to make a great party. The only thing missing really, was well, photos of the performance from our team! We worked months just trying to get that ridiculously challenging and complex shines choreography down and I really want to see it in action. With all the photographers performing in it, my fear is that it went *gasp* undocumented.

But till those are out, if they even exist at all, here’s one we did earlier, a couple of weeks before the show, taken by my lovely partner Cai Dingyan, who joined us exactly one year ago – another reason to celebrate in itself!


And with that, let’s toast to a great year, indulge in some much needed rest, and look forward to many more rockin’ shows to come!