The last couple of weeks has been absolutely manic with preparations for our first anniversary party. Yes, we made it! MOSAIC DANCE IS ONE! And of course, true to style, there is going to be an absolutely MASSIVE dance party tonight to celebrate.

It started just over a year back, a project started by a group of friends to create a place where people could learn to dance, with everything that we wish we had had when we first started out.


Our first open house back in July last year. Check out those adorable kids!

I’ll be completely honest, it hasn’t been easy putting all of it together from scratch. Finding a space, choosing the floors, even settling on a name – everything was so tough and we hadn’t even gotten started with classes. It was a good 4 months before we were finally in business, and what a ride it’s been!

Truth be told, we took a whole lot of risks with what we decided eventually, to call Mosaic Dance. All of us have been dancing for years, and starting from a blank slate meant that we could make it exactly what we wanted. That ended up being the lone dance school in Singapore to have salsa instruction only in the New York style – while LA style is still the predominant one danced on our little island. We also ended up abandoning the the traditional “dance school” model, opting to function more like a gym so that people could take as many classes as they wanted. And we got serious about a dance that was almost completely new to Singapore – West Coast Swing.

One year on, some of those things have worked for us, while some continue to be challenging. But hey, we’ve made it this far and I’m happy with the place we now call home! We’ve got our first batch of “yearlings”, all taking to the stage with us for the first time at our birthday bash tonight! It’ll be the first performance for many of them and I know everyone’s worked massively hard on the pieces, no matter what dance they are doing. I’m so damn proud of everyone, even those that I haven’t had the pleasure of teaching.

Normally, right now I’d feel like I have to insert a plug for you to come check out the party. But wait – all our tickets are pretty much sold out, and chances are, when you show up at the door of Le Danz at Suntec City tonight, we might not be able to let you in! See, already the makings of a great night in store. Can’t wait to see how things go…

Standby everyone, its showtime!